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Relationship Book Review: Points

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Points! The Relationship Survival Guide for People Who Don't Like Relationship Survival Guides

Points! The Relationship Survival Guide for People Who Don't Like Relationship Survival Guides

Running Press Book Publishers

The Bottom Line

This strange combination of comedy and dating advice falls flat for female readers, although some highly-targeted male readers might get a laugh from the interestingly named Points - Women Have Them, Men Need Them - The Relationship Survival Guide for People Who Hate Relationship Survival Guides.

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  • Offers an un unusual view of heterosexual relationships not found outside of a comedy club.
  • Has moments of hilarity, although brief.


  • All 190 pages could have easily been condensed into an hour-long stand up routine.
  • Almost exclusively filled with outdated stereotypes about heterosexual relationships.


  • Author: Ritch Gaiti writing as I. Glebe

  • Publisher: Running Press

  • ISBN: 9780762430529

  • Published: January 2008

  • Price: $12.95 USD

  • Book Details: paperback, 190 pages, illustrations and quizzes.

Guide Review - Relationship Book Review: Points

Points is a relationship how-to book geared primarily towards men, with its title and first couple of pages specifically tailored to appear as if it were discussing a sporting event rather than relationships in general. A one page how-to for women entitled, "Knitting and Needlecraft" (named as such to ensure the male readers skim right by it) discusses tricky ways to get the book into their partner's hands - like leaving it next to the remote or "casually" placing it in his sock drawer.

Author I. Glebe (if the pseudonym wasn't hint enough that the book is supposed to be farcical) quickly jumps into its premise - why men need points and why women keep track - and in turn how Points will further every man's goals in their romantic relationships. In a nutshell: women are the scorekeepers and men have to work their butts off to earn points in a very convoluted, drawn-out way that is described through stereotypes and vaguely demeaning comments about how both sexes deal with (or avoid) relationship conflict.

After reading Points I felt like I'd sat in the front row at a comedy club for a couple of hours, where the women were heckled constantly for their seemingly illogical choices. I found Points to be a "night" where I didn't find the stand up particularly funny, enlightening or enjoyable, although surely one or two people in the "audience", did.

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