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For those in need of scientific proof for a dating-related topic, this is your gold mine.

Breakup Survey Shows How People Cope
A Yahoo! Personals' survey revealed what times of year are 'breakup season', and how respondents cope with being broken up with.

Common Law Relationship Legal Status in the UK
A lawyer in the UK feels that common law relationships should have the same legal status as those who are married.

Condomless AIDS Protection?
Current scientific research may have found something to replace condoms in the fight against the spread of AIDS and other STIs.

Does Facebook Create Jealous Daters?
A recent dating survey found that Facebook users have higher incidences of jealousy than those not using the social networking tool.

Favorite Cheap Date Amongst Singles
SpeedDate.com asks its users what their favorite "frugal fling" is.

First Date Sex Statistics
How many people claim to have sex on the first date?

First Impressions Matter
Research proving that how we interact early on in a relationship affects its outcome.

How A Dragging Economy Affects Singles
Live long and prosper? Definitely, when it comes to dating and a struggling economy.

Men More Tempted To Stray Then Women
A McGill University study about why men are more likely to cheat when presented with an attractive woman.

Online Dating Fraud Demographics
Who is taken advantage of the most with regards to online dating fraud? These Taiwanese researchers have an answer.

Projected U.S. Online Dating Growth 2007 - 2012
Results from a study released by Jupiter Research show the projected online personals growth for 2007-2012.

Research Shows Whomever Approaches, Is More Attracted
A new law of attraction? Possibly.

Speed Dating Research Finds Best Way To Mingle
How can you create the most amount of attraction at a speed dating event? It seems that there's more for the organizers to take into account than the singles in attendance says this study.

The Evolution of Dating
Researchers compare what men and women wanted from a romantic relationship in 1939 and 2008.

Top US City For Being Single - 2009
Which city topped the charts this year in Forbes.com's yearly rankings of the best US cities to live in if you're single?

Using Social Networking To End a Relationship
Do people actually end a relationship using social networking sites? A lot more than you'd think.

Where To Meet Women
An Axe Bullet poll discussing the best places to meet women.

Women's IQ and Mate Selection Preferences
A quick run down of graduate student research regarding the correlation between women's IQ and mate selection.

Alternatives to Marriage Project
A non-profit group that discusses being single and the option not to marry for both heterosexual and same-sex couples. Also houses numerous statistics on being single, open relationships and cohabitation before marriage.

HurryDate: Mate Preferences in Action
Data from more than 10,000 HurryDate users (a speed dating company) showing what men and women are looking for in a mate.

Unmarried America
Free archives of more than five thousand pieces of statistics relating to being single in America and around the world.

Poll Shows 55% of Christian Singles Believe in Love at First Sight
Spark Networks and its subsiduary dating site, ChristianMingle.com, polled its members around Valentine's Day of 2012 and discovered that most put faith in the love at first sight concept.

How Healthy Relationships Change Our Brains
From About.com's Expert to Mental Health, information about "a study on how the quality of one’s romantic relationship has a direct effect on how the brain responds to fear and pain". 


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