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Fall Date Ideas


When the weather gets crisp and the leaves start to change into a beautiful shades of gold and umber, it's time for some romance-inducing, fun-creating date ideas to share with your date, mate or partner. Here are my favorite date fall date ideas that allow you to cozy up with your sweetie while still keeping things frugal yet fun.

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Outdoorsy Fall Date Ideas

  • Either go apple picking with your partner, or attend an apple festival to try out a bevvy of local and luscious treats. To find something near you, try PickYourOwn.org, and then grab a few recipes to make caramel apples together with your bounty.
  • You can still enjoy the beautiful surroundings that this crisp time of year has to offer while picnicking, just make sure you both bundle up with an extra layer and bring some warm cocoa in a thermos for sipping. Or, bring the hibatchi for an outdoorsy-cooked meal, or toast marshmallows over a roaring campfire to keep things warm, cozy and romantic.

Fall Date Ideas For Family Oriented Couples

  • Instead of going out for dinner, make the evening a family affair and create a home-cooked meal for everyone to enjoy together.
  • Pull out the board games, card decks or video games, divvy up family members into teams, and challenge each other to a bout, duel or game.
  • A few communities still host farmers' markets during the fall months, so bundle up, bring a lot of spare change, and take the whole gang out to taste some delectable local food.
  • Talk to the local Girl Guide or Scout troupe to see if they need help either in a general way or to fulfill their service requirements, and volunteer together as a family.
  • Divide the yard up into as many people in your family, and see who can rake the leaves the fastest. Or, host your own makeshift fall carnival in your backyard complete with bobbing for apples, pinning the tail on the donkey, and sack races.

Stay at Home Fall Date Ideas

  • Use the money you'd normally spend on a pricey date night on the town, and put it towards hiring a masseuse to come into your home and pamper the both of you. Or, if you'd rather make this into a cheap date idea, put together a home spa kit full of relaxing items like bubble bath, massage oils and candles for the two of you to enjoy.
  • Grab a book that both of you have wanted to read but haven't had the time to, and take turns reading to one another over candlelight.
  • Tackle a home improvement project together that will enable you to enjoy future dates together. Your idea doesn't require a lot of work, depending on how much time you have. You could tackle something as simple as installing a new shower head with massage spray jets or as complex as building shelving to sit next to your bed.
  • Grab some bug spray and a few warm blankets, and set up outside for an evening of stargazing.
  • Invest in a couples game, and play it together either as described or add a few naughty rules to up the ante.

Fall Date Ideas for the Kid in All of Us

  • Depending on where you live, this is the time of year to go on hayrides or explore corn mazes at a local farm. You'll likely find a list in your local paper, but don't hesitate to make a few phone calls either to locate one worth attending.
  • When it's raining, go for a walk together barefoot, allowing yourselves to squish every wet blade of grass between your toes and jump in every puddle.

Thrilling Fall Date Ideas

  • Some people may not find Oktoberfest thrilling, but many of us would greatly enjoy an evening of raucous laughter, song, and beer. Try as many as you can together, testing and tasting the variety available, just make sure to either take a taxi home or double date with another couple who isn't drinking.
  • With fall comes haunted houses, and usually as fundraisers for local charities or schools. You could either volunteer together to scare the wits out of people, or venture out on the other side and attend one on a date.
  • Come up with a fantastic couples Halloween costume and either attend a party all dolled up, or try to win a costume contest that includes a romantic trip together.

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