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First Date Tips For Success

Etiquette and Rules For a First Date


Want to ensure a second date? Then follow these first date tips, or chime in and add your own ideas to the mix.

Have a Backup Plan

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No matter how many time you confirm plans, or how solid you think something is, anything can happen on a first date. Maybe one of you runs into an ex, or the show you'd planned to attend was canceled. No matter what plans the two of you have created for your first date, make sure to have a backup plan, just in case.

Plan a Short First Date

No matter how well you think you'll get along, a first date can change everything. Why be stuck on an all-day wine tour with someone if you aren't feeling the sparks? Try keeping your first date to no more than one or two hours. Then, if things are going really well, you can always extend the date longer, later.

Don't Be Late

There is nothing worse than sitting waiting for a first date to show up, not knowing whether they've stood you up or are merely running a bit behind. So save everyone the extra stress - since first dates are stressful enough - and make a point of being there on time.

Agree On What To Wear

This first date tip could be as simple as ensuring both of you are on the same page clothing-wise so that no one shows up inappropriately dressed for the occasion. Or, if this is a blind date or you've met off a dating site, let each other know about one piece of unusual clothing that will make you stick out in a crowd - because having to ask several people if they're your date isn't at all fun.

Offer Appropriate Compliments

If the person you're on a first date with has something about them that appeals to you, don't hesitate in saying so. But anything more than a compliment or two will make you sound desperate, and that's not the kind of first impression you're looking for. As well, be sincere, honest and flattering, but try to keep the first date compliments to things you wouldn't feel uncomfortable about if your mother overheard them.

Drink Responsibly

Several dating disasters shared by other single readers have focused on overflowing alcohol as the main source of conflict or embarassment during a first date. So to avoid these kinds of issues, keep your intake to a minimum if you do oblige.

Spend Equal Amounts of Time Talking and Listening

Ever been on a date with someone who didn't know how to listen? How about a person who had nothing to say for themselves? Either situation can spell first date disaster. For more shy folks, prepare yourself with some conversation starters, while those who are a bit more outgoing need to make sure they aren't the only one talking.

Groom Yourself Appropriately

It should go without saying, but unfortunately many singles still complain about first date grooming mistakes, such as meeting someone with food stuck in their teeth, bad body odor, or clothing that is way too revealing.

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