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SpeedDate iPhone App

Speed Dating Not Just Face-To-Face, Now Possible On iPhones Too

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Singles seeking a true speed dating experience won't find what they are looking for with this speed dating app, but they might get a kick out of how many local users they find in Speed Date's database.

Speed Date iPhone App Features

Speed Date offers the following features:

  • Chat with more than 10 million registered SpeedDate users (available with a paid account only);
  • Send local singles a wink or flirt whenever you want ;
  • Create a profile in mere seconds;
  • View other people's photo albums; and
  • Play games to "unlock" coins that give you "special flirting powers";
  • Browse other users by age.

Basic Speed Date App Details

Downloading the SpeedDate app won't cost you anything, although feaures for non-paid users are extremely limited, such as no sending or receiving emails, and you can only search by age. The app will take up just over eight megabits of space on your phone, and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, with iOS 3.2 or later.

SpeedDate App Costs

Free members can upgrade by paying in one, three, six or twelve month packages, which range anywhere from $19.99 a month and up, and are billed all at once. As well, SpeedDate uses automatic billing practices, with no refunds available (ever!), so make sure that you take note of when your membership is slated to end, so you don't get charged again if you don't want to be. You can also purchase "coins" to flirt with other members; they range in cost from $4.99 for 500 coins to $99.99 for 7000 coins.

Speed Date iPhone App Bottom Line

The Speed Date iPhone app is a lot of fun, quick to figure out, and responds faster than most dating apps I've used. Having said that, the features are extremely limited for free users, and won't get you connecting with anyone beyond a wink or flirt. Plus, there's no way to tell if other members have subscribed or not. My recommendation? Play with SpeedDate's app for a week or so to see if there are other singles nearby that pique your interest, and if you really want to connect for a date, sign up for a month's service and hope the apple of your eye made the same choice too.

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