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Dating Book Review of The Four Man Plan by Cindy Lu

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The Four Man Plan Book Review

The Four Man Plan by Cindy Lu

Broadway Books

The Bottom Line

A well-written dating book that shares a new concept or idea isn't easy to find, yet Cindy Lu has managed to do just that while adding a personal touch of sass and inventiveness. Sharing her own (and sometimes graphic) dating experiences, Lu clearly explains her mathematically-based Plan - how and why to date four men at a time to find long-term love - while using real-world examples from both her own life and other "4M'ers" she's met through her stand up comedy travels. Also provides several alternate options for interpretation. Highly recommended.

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  • Witty, fun, sexy and informative read without seeming forced or trite.
  • Many personal experiences speckled within the book to thoroughly explain The Plan.
  • Cindy's voice is flirty, honest yet racy - making for a hard-to-put-down book.
  • Alternate suggestions and variations provided; this is not cookie cutter issue dating advice..


  • Readers who do not like graphic adult content (with stick images) will not enjoy this book.


  • Author: Cindy Lu

  • Publisher: Broadway Books

  • ISBN: 978-0-7679-2857-1

  • Published: September 2007

  • Price: $16.95 USD

  • Book Details: Hardcover, 224 pages, some illustrations, charts.

Guide Review - Dating Book Review of The Four Man Plan by Cindy Lu

Cindy Lu has been around the dating block a few times, and doesn't hesitate in sharing her unique, heartbreaking, and frank stories in The Four Man Plan. Part memoir and part how-to, The Four Man Plan looks honestly at what women want in a male partner, and how they can date with integrity to find it.

The concept behind The Four Man Plan is relatively simple: date four men at a time while trying to find the man of your dreams. Where it becomes slightly more complex (but a whole lot of fun) is charting the men you're dating in Cindy Lu's "Mantis Graph" on a weekly basis to get a better ideas as to who is right for you. Why a chart? Because one physical man may be a quarter, half, whole, two-and-a-quarter, or (the ultimate) three-and-a-half man, depending on Lu's interpretation.

Lu isn't suggesting that women sleep around however, and it is admirable that she makes a point of not only stating this clearly, but also offers up suggestions to singles not looking to have sex before marriage, engagement or commitment. The focus, instead, is getting to know different men you normally would never look at twice, while doling out the really intimate interactions to only one person at a time.

Throughout the book Lu places snippets of real-world suggestions gleaned from personal experiences or other 4 Man Planners, while clearly explaining variations and rules using various diagrams Lu has specifically created for the book, such as the "Two Date Minimum Flow Chart", the "3 1/2 Man Venn Diagram", and the "Fundamental Equation for Finding Love".

All in all, Lu's book is a fun and potentially insightful read for women needing to change their dating strategies. For those who dwell or focus too much on one guy (i.e. Why hasn't he called?) The Four Man Plan may be just the book you need to pick up for guidance, support and a healthy dose of how-to.

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