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Motivations & Expectations

Getting ready to date or date again means, in part, reviewing your dating motivations and expectations, such as monogamy, commitment, trust, intimacy, conflict, and values.
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Relationship Expectations
Unwittingly or not, we all have relationship expectations when meeting new people. Do any of yours fall within the frameworks of this list?

How To Talk About Expectations
Explains how to talk about the expectations you have for your relationship with your partner. From the About.com Guides to Marriage.

When Life Throws You a Curveball
How to deal with dashed expectations, according to About.com's Guide to Holistic Healing.

Love Songs to Attract or Maintain Love
Want to draw love to you, using the Law of Attraction as your guide? Start with listening to these love songs or share your own.

The Motivation Test
Do you have any idea what motivates you? Try this quick and fun test to determine your general motivations.

Know Your Conflict Style
Do you fly off the handle or suffer silently? Discover your own relationship conflict style here.

Gay Expectations Make For Complex Relationships
Bisexual women and their relationship expectations with men.

Intimacy - The Art of Relationships
Relationship sabotage through hidden expectations is more common than you think.

How Can I Feel More Comfortable Dating?
How can you feel more comfortable with the process of dating, before you even begin?

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