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Flower Gift Ideas


Flowers are a lovely way to show you care, and few will balk at being given flowers no matter what the status of your dating relationship. These flower gifts have been specifically chosen to reflect diversity and beauty, as well as to provide several options for those relationships with differing commitment levels (such as long term relationships or casual/new relationships).

1. Beer Mug of Blooms

Beer Mug of Blooms

An attractive and unusual flower gift, these mini white carnations come packaged with your choice of acrylic beads in a color appropriate to the recipients brew of choice, as well as a keeper acrylic beer mug.

2. I Love You Bean Flower Gift

I Love You Bean Gift - Flower Gift

Sweet, inexpensive and surprising, this flower gift comes with a vase imprinted the words, "I Love You," which mirrors the words stamped on the bean when it flowers.

3. Mini Rose Trio Flower Gift

Mini Roses Flower Gift

This trio of mini rose blooms come packaged in individual ceramic pots, still in bud form and just waiting to explode into bloom. Another flower gift that also comes packaged in a specially delivered box to ensure flower freshness.

4. Cupcake In Bloom

Cupcake In Bloom

Who doesn't like cupcakes? For those watching their weight, or perhaps others who just plain really love flowers, this cupcake in bloom arrangement is a sweet, anytime gift idea. Comes with a reusable cupcake holder, white carnations, candle, and "celebrate!" flag.

5. Intensely Purple Orchids

Intensely Purple Orchid Flower Arrangement

For the orchid or flower lover who can't get enough of this exotic bloom, this Intensely Purple arrangement of twenty dendrobium orchids and lily grass housed in a glass vase is sure to excite the senses. Comes delivered in a special box to ensure bloom freshness.

6. Dozen Roses

Dozen Roses
1-800 Flowers

This popular vased bouquet features one dozen beautiful roses arranged with greens and accents. A sure fire way to make any heart skip a beat. When ordering simply click on your color preference.

7. Roses or Orchids Encased in Gold, Silver or Platinum

Gold Plated Roses

The only way to ensure your flower gift stays fresh forever is to have it dipped in your choice of medium: gold, silver, platinum or plain acrylic. An unusual yet timely idea for those who want their expression of affection to last a lifetime.

8. Sweethearts Nesting

Sweethearts Nesting Flower Arrangement

A bright, lively gift to plaster a smile on your loved one's face. Comes with a dozen roses in hues of pink, orange and yellow, along with a nesting vase that allows for the flowers to stay hydrated, while showing the world complimentary-colored heartful intentions.

9. Roses and Calla Lilies

Rose and Calla Lilly Flower Gift

A stunning flower gift that won't leave the recipient wondering about how you feel. Includes a dozen roses, six calla lilies, and delivered in a special overnight box to ensure long lasting blooms.

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