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True.com Review

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With a purported ten plus million members, True dating is the first (and largest) online dating site to perform background checks on all of their users - and they won't hesitate to bring criminals or married people who have signed up at True dating to justice. Yet True dating's lack of a real free trial makes its hefty monthly fee a bit hard to swallow, safe or not.

Overview from True.com

"TRUE.com® is the only online dating service and relationship site endorsed by Psychology Today®. And no other Internet dating service conducts criminal background screenings and single dating verification."

What a True.com Membership Includes

Unfortunately, it's hard to tell exactly what a member receives with True.com at first glance. A paid user receives the option to take a compatibility test created by Psychology Today, and also has access to private, chat room and video messaging, email, profile searches and viewing. There is no option to see how long its been since someone has visited their profile at True dating, so knowing if the person you are contacting has a valid membership (and therefore can respond) is a challenge.

Unique Features of True.com

Fairly comprehensive search options are offered at True, such as keyword, screen name, who's online now, who's new, who's looking for me, and who's got new photos.

True is the only major online dating site to conduct background checks on all of its members.

True.com Membership Costs

There are no free trials with True; you'll need a credit card just to register for the 'free' three days, which start automatically if you don't cancel your membership within the initial time frame.

If you choose the trial, you'll automatically be billed an extra $3 USD a month to chat with members, and another $1 USD a month for access to the 'coaching center'.

A full True.com monthly membership costs $49.99 USD, and allows users to contact and reply to other users, as well as view other member profiles.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
worst dating site ever, Member Kimijo1960

I HATE...TRUE dating services...and then, to have to PAY..to only..PLAY GAMES..with their questions, and they charge TOO MUCH..when there are PLENTY of FREE sites...so WHY, would we pay..for these?? THEN...my mailbox has over 800 emails, from TRUE members....and, they get MAD..when I DONT reply..BUT..I CANT...cuz if your NOT a member...you cant do ANYTHING!! cant, ever SEE their pics....now IF..I was looking thru emails..and some guy, I REALLY wanted to meet BAD...and I SEEN HIM and could READ ABOUT HIM...and then, I HAD...to find way to TALK TO HIM....then, I would PAY...1 months,NO...maybe I'd do the 3 day trial, leave him message..of somewhere else to reach me, then sign off, go right then..and CANCEL...so I couldnt be charged...cuz card would be....NO GOOD, cuz Id cancel it.... well..there are PROBLY 300+ men, Id probly go on date with, MAYBE even be MARRIED TOO by niow..IF, they didnt act...like the info they had on these men..was worth a MILLION DOLLARS...cuz 99%..of the ones you match me with...OMG, the are UGLY..FAT...and 10 yrs OLDER..than what I PUT...so HOW, can anyone....get any where, with TRUE...I hate even seeing email, from some NICE guy...and CANT even tell him, I CANT read your email..OR reply...cuz I will NOT..pay for a dating site..only cuz they so called SCREEN men, which if I am not smart enough, to check men out myself...before dating..then its MY fault...right??? so DONT...even sign UP..or your life will be HELL..with emails you cant to anything, but sit and DELETE!!!!

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