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Dating DNA Review

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Dating DNA

Dating DNA, LLC.

The premise of Dating DNA is simple: sign up to get a nine digit "DNA number" and use it to determine compatibility between any other user of the site. Does it work, and is it worth trying? Find out by reading on.

Overview from Dating DNA

"Social networking's free dating service!"

What It's Like at Dating DNA

You'll want to grab your iPhone to download the app, and then confirm that you're over the age of 17 to use the service. Once downloaded, you're asked a series of questions to determine your interests and needs in a relationship, and given a unique DNA number that you can give out to friends, on social networking sites, and anywhere really that you want to use as a sort of calling card for your single life. Others can then sign up themselves, type in your number, and find out quickly your compatibility scores. Or, at least, this is how it's supposed to work in theory.

The actual sign up took me about a minute, where I type in my first name (I used a pseudonym), my location, gender, sexual orientation, and email address, along with a password. I then had to agree I was over the age of 18 (unlike the initial iTunes requirement of 17), and then agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which I couldn't open on my phone. This is a problem for me, as I was unable to find them anywhere else either - and normally I review these sorts of things first.

After a few more pages of required questions about things like the age range I'm interested in, my weight (very specifically listed, too), religious beliefs and the status of any kids in the home, I was given a limited profile. If I filled out the rest of the questionnaire, I would get a full profile, however was encouraged to play around a bit, first.

Another sign-in and I'm faced with an ad to updated to PLUS edition ($4.99), then I can see my closest matches, which is the default setting. Unfortunately, the closest person lives about 20 minutes away, and none of the folks on my first search page are looking for someone in my age range. Clicking on Best Match gives me an admin person well over my stated age interest and over 1000 miles away, followed by someone over 8000 miles away. Huh?

Within a minute, I have six chat messages waiting for me, although it's become readily apparent there are less than 10 singles folks in my local area on the service, and none fit my basic requirements, or I theirs. My closest match is rated as a 1.6 compatibility with me, and I'm a 0.0 with him. Okay, so maybe I need to answer more questions. I take a look, and.... I've answered 1% of the required questions. Whoo boy. It took me just over 20 minutes to finish all of the questions, and that was with skipping everything I could.

Unique Features of Dating DNA

Almost every single compatibility marker can get marked as a deal breaker by just listing it as extremely important. As well, you can see what's really important to someone just from their main profile, as it's listed with a special notation, color, and/or word, even just in search. 

A lot of special features crop up once you've finished all of your profile questions, such as being able to add up to four badges to your profile (some really great ones, too! Myers-Briggs, astrological markers, races, religion and age range and Trekkie were all options), and only being able to see folks who have a certain compability rating or higher (interestingly, I was only a 7.9 rating with myself). This was a ton of fun to play with, and I saw a lot more profiles than I was initially able to, after filling all of these details out.

Things of Note at Dating DNA

Because so few people read the fine print at dating sites, I do it for you, and report back anything to take a note of. At Dating DNA, these are the things you should be aware of before signing up:

  • To sign up, you must agree that you're either separated, single, widowed, or divorced;
  • The site belongs to Trust-E, a company that ensures private and confidential information remains as such;
  • The information shared to sign up with Dating DNA can be deleted at the member's request;
  • Opting out of newsletters or your contact information being shared, or correcting information, is detailed in the company's Privacy Policy;
  • All of the questionnaire details can be used anonymously by Dating DNA for research purposes, and potentially used for publication; and
  • You may "occasionally" get information and/or newsletters from other, related advertisers when you sign up for the service.

Dating DNA Costs

You can access Dating DNA for free from their iPhone app, or you'll have to pay a one-time fee of $4.99 to use their website directly.  

The Bottom Line

If you've got about an hour to spare and want to possibly interact with a new group of people (that I have yet to see on other dating sites locally), it's worth a try. I found the refining of matches a bit frustrating (way too many people were high matches, yet either too far away or way too old or young), however the site is easy to use, and adding my number to any other social networking site for others to determine compatibility seemed like a fun feature to try. I've yet to use it however, or meet someone from the site, so do let me know how it has worked for you. 

Ready to try Dating DNA for yourself? Visit their website now.

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