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Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas

Say I Love You With These Last Minute Valentine Gifts


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Whether you just plain forgot or couldn't think of anything, there's no way you can greet your partner without some sort of Valentines Day gift in hand this year. That's what these last minute Valentine ideas are for: so that you look prepared, even if you didn't have a lot of time or energy to invest.

  1. Peruse these cheap Valentines Day ideas for quick and simple suggestions that won't break your budget.

  2. Get a Gift Card: Not the most creative or enlightened idea, but it does let your loved one choose their perfect gift on their own time line. Try Books a Million (Buy Direct) for anything book or video -related, Cooking.com (Buy Direct) for foodies, Love and Pride (Buy Direct) for many things LGBT-related, Max & Chloe for jewelry lovers (Buy Direct), or ThinkGeek for your smarty pants (Buy Direct).

  3. Sexy Board Games are usually a hit, and relatively easy to find at large toy stores at the last minute. Or, create your own truth or dare style game with package of index cards from the dollar store, a red felt marker, and a handful of naughty questions.

  4. Love Coupons (Buy Direct): Easy enough to find at most bookstores, or for quicker results make your own. Grab some glitter glue and construction paper, and write down some gifts of time that your partner would love. Some ideas? You wash their car wearing only bathing suit, breakfast in bed, a walk in the snow hand in hand (maybe grab one of those break 'n heat hand warmers to attach to this one), or a movie marathon of their choosing.

  5. Buy A Magazine Subscription (Buy Direct): Quick, easy and inexpensive (many year-long subscriptions cost less than $25 USD), your partner will get a gift card either mailed or emailed to them before their first edition arrives, and you'll be remembered fondly each time their reading material arrives on their doorstep.

  6. Think Like A Child: Might seem like an odd suggestion to create romance, but what I've written our here is playful, fun, memorable and really simple to do.

  7. Get Tickets (Buy Direct): To what, you ask? To anything your partner would love to see. The great bit about buying tickets online to a show, concert, or event, is that you get an immediate receipt that you can print off and show your loved one instantly.

  8. Make A Homemade Sex Toy: Who better than you to make something special for your partner, knowing exactly what turns them on the most?

  9. Use The Internet Lovingly: If you've got basic HTML skills (or even if you don't with many web hosts today), you could quite easily get a website dedicated to your partner within an hour, and for less than $20. It doesn't get more last minute than that!

  10. Create an Evening Of Aphrodisiacs: Take a peek at this unusual list of aphrodisiacs, and see if feeding them to each other all night helps fuel some romantic fires.

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