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Before You Go On a Singles Cruise


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A singles cruise is a an organized cruise that is booked, planned and hosted by a travel agency or cruise ship geared specially towards solo travelers. Different from a single person who hops on a cruise ship for their vacation, singles cruises are specifically geared towards groups of unmarried people looking to make friends or a love connection. Events and activities often include games, speed dating events, social gatherings, dance lessons, parties and guided on-shore tours. Some singles cruises also offer pre-cruise events, where singles can get to know each other before the actual cruise itself.


What Is Included On a Singles Cruise?

Each singles cruise company will differ in their policies and what is covered within their fee. Having said that, many singles cruises include all of the standard amenities on board, as well as entry into all of the specific singles events handled by the host company. A separate dining and socializing area will probably also be provided for all of the singles on the cruise as well, separate from the other guests on board.


    Will I Have To Pay a Singles Supplement on a Singles Cruise?

    A singles supplement is essentially an added fee that cruise ships charge clients who want to have a room to themselves. Unfortunately, this "supplement" normally ends up being a fee so exorbitant that many singles would rather room with a stranger to save the extra cash.

    Unless you specifically ask for a room to yourself (and pay the accompanying singles supplement), you will most likely be paired with another single of the same sex to room with. Some singles cruise companies even offer roommate matching services, but these are still relatively rare for singles-specific events.

      What Sort of Age Range Do Single Cruises Attract?

      Most singles cruises seem to attract a wide range of eligible singles, although there is normally a cluster in the 30-50 age range. Many singles cruises now offer age-related events however, with common groupings for seniors, baby boomers, and the under 35 set. If you are concerned about the age range available on a single cruise you are interested in, don't hesitate to contact the organizer and ask.


        What Ratio of Men to Women Are On A Singles Cruise?

        Every cruise differs, unless of course you are on a cruise catering to gays or lesbians. Rarely do singles cruises have a 50/50 split of singles however, and different singles cruise companies seem to attract different ratios men and women.

        Ask your travel agent or the organizer of the singles cruise what kind of ratio they normally have, and/or if they offer some sort of guarantee. Most won't, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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