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Gift Ideas for Dating Couples in Long Term Relationships


Some dating couples in long term relationships feel that coming up with the perfect gift idea is a huge challenge. Add some gift giving etiquette, a larger gift giving budget because of the seriousness of the relationship, and the always-present demands of every gift giving season, and you've got a recipe for stress.

To assist, read over the following gift ideas to see if any of them suit your specific situation. Still stumped? Post in the dating forum for advice and suggestions.

Dating Couple Gift Idea #1: Ticket It

Christmas Gift Idea - Tickets
Cezar Perelles

Has your loved one every complained you don't take them out enough to see their favorite events? Well now is your chance to prove that you are listening to their every word, and want to give them a gift they'll never forget. This gift idea involves giving a gift certificate to pick their own perfection, or choosing a date for the two of you to enjoy together. Sporting events, live theater, and concerts are just some of the events StubHub covers.

Dating Couple Gift Idea #2: Geek Out

Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

I've had several people tell me that geeky gifts are male-centric, but I wholeheartedly disagree: I frequently salivate over ThinkGeek's product line, which changes monthly depending on demand and availability. They carry many strange and wonderful dating couple gift ideas, such as:

  • Pocket Retro Game Emulator (Buy Direct);
  • iPod Video Goggles (Buy Direct); and
  • Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard (Buy Direct), no actual keyboard, but a laser projected one that truly works.

Dating Couple Gift Idea #3: Tea For Two

Christmas Gift Idea - Tea
Adagio Teas

There are many monthly 'clubs' to choose from when thinking about Christmas gift ideas. Tea (Buy Direct) is a personal favorite, but there's always wine (Buy Direct), and chocolate (Buy Direct).

Dating Couple Gift Idea #4: Flowering Favorites

Holiday Gift Idea: Platinum Covered Roses

Just like MP3 players aren't solely for men, flowers aren't only for women. Romantic Indulgences offers a variety of different flowers (orchids, roses and more) dipped in a variety of materials to make your gift last a lifetime, as well as some lovely spa indulgences (jelly bath anyone?)

Dating Couple Gift Idea #5: Wine Enjoyment

Christmas Gift Idea - Pek Supremo Wine Steward
Wine Enthusiast

Whether your partner loves wine or wants to learn more, there are many products to help enjoy or learn more about the lovely liquid. Some ideas:

Dating Couple Gift Idea #6: Appreciate Art

Christmas Gift Idea - Artwork

There are many ways and reasons to appreciate a piece of art, together. Perhaps a specific painting reminds you of your first date, or maybe an abstract artist captures your feelings for your loved one perfectly. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and whatever you're unable to say with mere words, a fantastic piece of art can say everything. Some artsy gift ideas for your long distance love:

Dating Couple Gift Idea #7: Take Off

Christmas Gift Idea - Travel
Chris Cummings

Whether it is to escape the season or to plan for something in the near future, few partners will balk at the gift of travel. Travelocity offers last minute deals and specials, as well as combination travel plans to take care of your entire excursion so you can enjoy the gift giving process, and not have to worry about the little details.

Dating Couple Gift Idea #8: Play Sexy Games

52 Weeks of Naughty Nights Couples Game

Few winter celebrations can get away with no power outages, so this gift idea prepares you to celebrate in a sexy way. Try buying your partner one of these sexy board games to play while in the dark, but don't forget to buy some candles for some extra mood-enhancement, just in case.

Dating Couple Gift Idea #9: Cover Up

Christmas Gift Ideas - Lingerie
Bob Smith

When is the last time you bought your partner something sexy or sensual to wear? Henry and June have a great collection of lingerie pieces that range from the mild to the wild for both men and women, and they offer quick shipping (and in some cases, free). Or you could always buy yourself something nice, and then wrap yourself as the gift.

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