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How To Get Your Ex Lover Back

How To Get Your Ex Lover Back

Name of Dating Book

How To Get Your Ex Lover Back: Successful Strategies for Starting Over (And Making It Better Than It Was Before!) (Review, Buy Direct)

Dating Book Author(s)

Blaise Harris, M.D.

Book Details (ISBN #, publish date, publisher, # pages)

ISBN: 0-440-50089-3, 1989, Dell Publishing, 220 pages.

What makes this relationship book unique?

Covering all aspects of getting an ex lover back, including evaluating the situation with your ex, making sure both of you are ready to contact one another again, how getting back together works, what sex will look like post break up, what to do if your lover is resistant to getting back together again, and explanations as to why we love people who are 'impaired'.

What is the dating book about?

There are few actual published books on the market that deal with the loss of a lover and how to get the ex back - and Dr. Blaise Harris covers the topic well. Comprehensive with a lot of questions answered, How To Get Your Ex Lover Back offers support, advice and counsel when nothing else has worked. Even though its an older book, the information shared is still valid and useful today.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Benjamin Franklin Technique: When disagreeing, stop a fight in its tracks by finding a point that you agree on with your ex, and then share a situation where the point might be true or agreeable under different circumstances.
  • Take time for 'scheduled reflection' after a breakup to ensure the issues with the breakup are worked out prior to making contact again.
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