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Desire Status

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By DesireStatus

Desire Status

Declare Your Status...Find Your Desire

Dating Service Name

Desire Status | Review This Adult Dating Site

Membership Fees and Levels of Service

100% Fully Functional Free Membership. There will never be any fees to use this dating website.

Dating Service Membership Terms & URL

Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy for DesireStatus.com

Founded In


What Dating Services Does The Company Offer?

The service is available to all countries but is primarily targeting the United States. We currently have over 3000 members and that is all with word of mouth. All age groups can enjoy the site but the most popular age range thus far is 18 - 40. The site is free and the membership can be canceled at anytime. There is nothing to lose and some great dates to gain.

What Makes The Dating Service Unique?

This site prides itself on simplicity.

Registration -

We took out all the pages of bogus materials that other websites make you fill out. You can be registered and have your membership up and running in under 30 seconds.

We feel dating sites should be based on two things -

1. You want to be able to accurately see what the other person looks like. (We require every member to have a visible photo of their face for their default pic.)

2. The other ingredient is what you say and how well you communicate via message exchanges.

*****Those 2 factors are plenty to get a date.

Search Criteria -

We kept that simple and very unique. When you create your profile you have to Declare your Desire Status as one of the following: Just Looking Around, Looking For A Great Date, Looking To Meet Up With Somebody Tonight And Get Wild.

We feel that covers all areas from conservative to the super norm to the spontaneous people looking for spur of the moment parties or flings.

Tips and Tricks

  • The site is 100% Free and no coupon is necessary. All profile require the member to upload a photo. Make sure you upload a picture where your face is clearly visible.
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