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Match Iowa

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By matchiowa

Match Iowa

Match Iowa, Iowas Free Dating & Social Networking Site

Dating Service Name

Match Iowa Online

Membership Fees and Levels of Service

Free Membership for all users.

Dating Service Membership Terms & URL

There are no Terms of Service to be found on the Match Iowa dating site.

Founded In


What Dating Services Does The Company Offer?

Matchiowa's target audience is Iowans we have just founded the site, so we are looking for input and ideas to serve Iowas social networking needs. The cost is free and features an intuitive social networking design very similar to Facebook. Some of the features include, chat walls, private messaging, photos, videos, chat rooms, privacy settings and controls, rating systems, match finder and more.

What Makes The Dating Service Unique?

Match Iowa is different from other nationwide based services for the following reasons:

Iowa Owned

Designed for Iowans by Iowans

no costs, hidden fees, or limitations.

dating services

social networking services

friend finder


and more!

Tips and Tricks

  • free registration
  • free emails
  • free everything!

Bonny Albo, About.com Dating, says:

As of April 2011, MatchIowa is closed.
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