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Readers Respond: Readers Share Their Definition of a Pansexual

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Pansexual at 18

I came out as bisexual at 14, came out as lesbian at 16, and eventually, I came out as pansexual. It doesn't matter what gender you are. Humans are humans. They hurt and love all the same. I've had relationships with both genders and feel attracted to anyone good looking and compatible with my personality. I feel much more secure with myself and I love it!
—Guest From This To that

My Own Personal Definition

My definition of pansexuality is being more attracted to a persons personallity rather than gender.
—Guest Marielle

Life Saver

My sexual and gender confusion at a very early age actually led to a suicide attempt. I could not figure out why I couldn't see boys and girls the way everyone else did. The "ugly" girl was attractive because of her heart, the "cute" boy was horrid because of his cruel and snobbish behavior. Thinking of others in terms of gender took longer than others, and I was unable to assign a gender to myself at all. I knew I was a girl but I didn't feel like one, or like a boy for that matter. Bisexuality was a term that held an extreme amount of discomfort for me because of it's clear cut lines between male and female. I was confused by women that had a boyfriend and a girlfriend because to me it wasn't about the sex, but about the person. After years and extensive research I discovered two terms that helped me understand myself... "Gender Blind" and "Pansexual". Now I do not feel the need to pick between living my life as either sex, but simply as Ashley, and my life is all the better.
—Guest Ashley

Pansexual and proud of it!

I'm a man who discovered after 25 years that not only do I love sex with both genders, it really doesn't matter what orientation they feel they are.....if there is attraction between us then we can both want to have sex and feel great about it. Labels are for files- love and sex are universal and should be shared by all no matter what gender they identify with or not.
—Guest TT


Pansexuality is a delicious desire for all things sex.

My personal definition

My personal definition is someone who has an attraction to people regardless of/to all genders and sexes. I wouldn't say that automatically means genderblind, from my own experience I do have preferences in gender and sex sometimes, though that doesn't stop me from being attracted to people no matter what their gender and/or sex is.
—Guest Kai ^3^


Flickings channels and heard the term on Dr.Phil?? Never heard it before? So googled it? Read a lot of confusing definitions, then found this site! Then realised it's another description of love, but a real definition! One from the heart! Im as straight as! And truly hope to find my own definition of 'pansexual' in my lifetime x
—Guest What's Pansexual

I'm one, too.

I always new I love men and women, and never thought of being labeled as bisexual, but turns out, when I took a test, I realized that I am a pansexual, and feel right about it! And I'm happy to know I can who ever I want and gender doesn't matter no mater what.
—Guest Brittany


A pansexual is an individual who deserves human respect and the right to walk through life with his/her/its head held high!
—Guest brion johnson

Pansexuality, Plain and Simple

i am a pansexual. I love someone for who they are and not their gender. As long as i can make them happy and safe and they can make me happy and safe, i think we're good and all set to go. I don't see why people have to be with a certain gender. NO!!! We have free will, people. We get to choose who we love and why we love them and being a pansexual has made that easier for me to do. I won't get tied down on one gender or type and feel awkward if i'm interested in another that doesn't fit my label. Pansexuality is freedom. Pansexuality, plain and simple.
—Guest Anand


I have always known that I was able to have friends of all walks of life. Falling in love with a woman at the age of 30 shocked other people more than myself. I knew that I loved her for who she was..the sexual part was above and beyond what I could imagine. To later fall for a man again..I was able to see that I was looking more at their heart-- than the physical body itself. Being told or labeling myself as bi-sexual never bothered me..just didn't feel right. I like knowing now that I understood myself better than even the age-old definitions did!
—Guest Ladee

My Opinion On Pansexual

I consider myself pansexual. I believe pansexual is when a person has the ability to love someone with their whole heart, regardless of gender, age, or race. Even if they haven't dated the person, they still have the ability to love them. It is by far in my opinion, the best kind of person to be. 1.) You aren't confined to one kind of person or gender. 2.) It is actually love and not just because you want to have sex with them or are physically attracted to them. 3.) It is so completely natural to just love someone, no matter what. :)
—Guest AbbeyNormal

Love is love...

I am a gay man and am in a relationship with a pansexual man. He too struggled to understand what his feelings for me' meant and he has at times found things tough mentally. I am pleased for him and us that he is happy to identify as pansexual and that love is love regardless of gender or orientation. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with my pansexual guy!
—Guest Ean

Agh, finally!

After years of being confused about my sexual orientation (Was I straight? No, no, I had liked some girls.... Was I a lesbian? No, I liked some guys. Was I bi? That didn't feel right either, I wasn't like my other lesbian/bi/straight friends, who would ooh and ahh about guys and/are girls. Whenever I had a crush, it was because of WHO they were, not what. I never focused on the what.), I finally came across reading about pansexuality. It fit me to a T! I never thought that not knowing what orientation I was was such a big deal to me, but I found out it was when the joy and relief of knowing my place came on to me. I love being pansexual, I love the spiritualness of it all, and I am so GLAD to know I wasn't just a weirdo compared to my other friends about crushes and dating.
—Guest Nicki

My Definition

I would date a transgendered man as soon as I would a man that was born that way, and the same for women. I'd also date androgynous, etc. I was really confused before I learned about pansexuality. I identified as bisexual, because it was the easiest, but... I don't know, it just didn't work.
—Guest Elymi

Everyone deserves love

I myself am a pansexual and to me its about feelings. Love is so important to me, and it doesn't matter what they look like or who they are :) If they are a good person then I will love them!
—Guest Pantard

Pansexuals are AWESOME!!!!!

I still don't really know what a pansexual is but reading that article makes me feel like everyone has a reason to live.

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