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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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The one?

I met this girl online through a mutual interest (a football team) and we started talking and flirting. I've known her for less than a month. But I'm convinced I'll spend my life with her. She's perfect in every way I can imagine. We see eye to eye on politics, religion, morality. We talk about anything and everything and feel totally comfortable with each other. She makes me laugh like no woman ever has. And on top of that she's gorgeous. But saying all that, we live in different countries and have never met. We talk about meeting and what it will be like. But I don't have to meet her to know I love her. It feels so strange. I would never have thought I could fall in love with someone over the web. But I have. I knew I would love her within days of talking to her. I want to scream it from a mountain, but I can't tell her yet cos I don't want to scare her. I know she feels strongly for me, she's told me. But I don't think it's love for her, not yet. So I'll say it here. I love you.
—Guest GuestScot

i love this boy

i love this boy but i think he loves me as a joke to his friends he is 3 years older than me im yr 7 and hes yr 10 what should i do
—Guest Andy-drew-parker


in 7th grade there was this guy that sat in front of me then moved from that seat to the seat next to me. everyday we talked and he would poke me and i would giggle or smile. then someone told me something about him that my parents didnt like. but i was still aloud to talk to him. in 8th grade i still new him and we talk in school. he asked me out on a note but i said that im not aloud to date till im 21. im in 9th grade now and im getting homeschooled and hes in school. i had his number so we could still text. one day my parents told me i could have any connection with him. so its been 4 months since the last time i talked to him. i cant stop thinking about him and i really want to date him and kiss him so bad but i think he forgot about me by now. i dont now what to do. my mom doesnt want me to date cause she doesnt want me to get my heart broken. i dont know what to do help me!


I have this best friend of 2 years. I care about her so much that I really can no longer imagine my life without her. We text everyday from when I wake up to when she falls asleep. I can't explain it I try to go a day without her but if I do I either think about her or fail and text her. She truely is one of a kind an amazing heart, a beautiful personality, and she's gorgeous I love her smile..... Even if she liked me I couldn't go out with her because I don't want to lose her... Am I falling in love?
—Guest Vinny

I love him, does he love me? Maybe...

I didn't think much about this boy. He was cute and all but, I wasn't attracted to him. We've held hands, he never really wanted to let go of mine. He also made our fingers intertwine whenever we held hands. Whenever I said hi, he would say I guess you want a hug now? And we hugged. He threw a wad of paper down my cleavge 1 day and kept blushing. He also does stupid things to get my attention. The biggest hint though was, he rubs his leg against mine under the desks at school. We don't look at each other but its not accidental. But I'm questioning it, because he doesn't wanna sit with me if his friends are there. Is it really love, or is he a player? :C - G
—Guest That Gal

What us this called?

i met him over the internet, it's the first time ive ever done that but it just happened. he fell in love with me but i didnt feel the same way cz i still had feelings for my ex. but eventually we tlked everyday for the whole summer, he opened up to me n keep all of his secrets deep in my heart. Yes, i am in love with him. He means a lot to me n i care about him very much. Even though we dont get to see eachoda or tlk very often smtimes, my feelings for him are still here. i miss him, i love him n i need him. but he's not mine cz tht's forbidden for now :/ i just can't lose contact with the one guy who loves me for me n whom i love for himself as well... what is this? love? or infatuation? :S
—Guest Please Answer My Questions :/

The HUGE Crush

I have a huge crush on a boy in my music class he is friends with my other friend .and I think he is starting to like me !!!!!! Although im only in 6th grade at sunrise middle school I really know that I love him , his cutie smile and , his voice when he saids my name it's soooo hard not to ask him out although i know it's probaly teen hormones raging I still feel some thing for him . I know it's real
—Guest Nicolas

Is love real...or just a joke

I had a boyfriend who was abusive. After that I cut myself of from the world, but now I found a guy who makes me happy, and I make him happy. I am not sure if love is real or fake. Time isn't real, so it can't heal wounds. Time is a perseption of man in order to give explanation. Healing takes someone else with a heart and room for your heart. This guy and I are dating now, and I think I am finally happy. I think I am in love, yet, I am the one who thought love was fake. I thought love was like time. Something man uses to explain things. Love has no true definition. It is what you feel it is. It is the way you feel when there's a guy who you like as more than a friend. Friends are great healers, but guys you love are better. I love Nicholas...my sweet sweet boyfriend who always is...and always will be there for me. I need him and he needs me. We both thought love was a fake, we laughed at love. Now we feel love for each other, isn't that so typical. We fall in love with each other.....
—Guest Phoenix

I think I am in love

I really think I am in love. We have been together 2 months now and he wants to have sex but i am scared. i dont know what to do. I am scared to kiss him in public. My parents dont let me go out with him and they dont even know i am dating him for that matter. He tells me he will love me forever regardless of what anyone says or does to try and mess us up. I have been outgoing when we are not together. When I am with him I feel like nothing wrong will ever happen and that I am on cloud 9. He makes me feel special and like I am wanted. I could never think about us not being together. Does anyone think I should move to the next level with him because he wants to and I say I do too but secretly im scared to death. I have had sex before but it was just a thing I didnt love the guy. I dont know what I should do
—Guest not telling

How do you Know?

my personal experience, I knew I was in love when I didnt ask myself that question any more
—Guest Dianne

feeling the part of your inner being

when one feels incomplete without someone, one should come to know that he has fallen in love with him or her.
—Guest asmat kharoti

I Thought That It Was Hate

I fell in love with him 4 years after I met him. It has been over 2 years since I fell in love. When I first met him, he made fun of me because of my overbite. At school, we were pretty much enemies, but our meetings didn't stop at school. My sister befriended his sister and we would go to their house. I thought that we wouldn't get along but we got along quite well. Strange, right? School=enemies House=friends. When I was in grade 7, at our Halloween dance, my friends and I bumped into him and his friends. His friends asked me if I was Jaini(fake name) and when I said yes, they told me that HE liked me. We danced twice during that dance. Became a couple a few days after the dance. Danced 3 times at the winter dance. Then he broke up with me 2 weeks before Valentine's day. I asked him why he broke up with me. He told me that his friends told him I liked someone else. He believed his friends instead of believing me. He told me he loved me before I could forget him. I'm crazy in love....
—Guest CrazyLove2009

Eric. Nuff said.

I started dating this guy name Eric and he is perfect. Reading this article I think I may be in love. We eat lunch together and since our lockers are close we walk to some classes. I really love him. No joke. Earlier today my friend (his best friend) Joshua told Eric that he was in love with me! There are some people in our school who are convinced Joshua and I are dating. And he had a piece of paper that had tue sweetest poem on t about how he told them we went dating but lied whn they asked if he loved me. I never really felt that way about Joshua but I think Eric is thinking differently. Also Eric I think knows I'm keeping something from him (I cut my wrists DX) but I can't tell him because I can't quit and if I can't quit he might break up with me and I don't want to lose him; I love him.
—Guest AnotherPairOfBrownEyes

am i in love ? Or just crush ?

i met him this year . And for the first time when i saw him , im like ohmygawd , what a hottie ! :D at that point of time , he was sitting beside me , and i was always taking glances at him , and when he looked at me , i quickly turn away . So , few days later , he started talking to me , and he gave me his number . So we texted. :) but when he told me that he liked another girl , i cried ... But my feelings for him is unsure . Im 99% sure that he's in love w another girl , but its the 1% that keeps me going. (,
—Guest ilovej (;

I don't want to love

Hey, I know this boy, I've known him for quite a long time. He's cute, awsome and amazing and German. I've only met him once but he's amazing. If I call myself fat he'll say diffrent. If I do somthing little like giggle slightly, he'll call me cute and amazing. I only speek to him on Skype and on FB but we are still best friends. I have German in school and it reminds me of him, my friends brother, reminds me of him and even my teacher! Then I found out nearly ALL his friends where girls, I wasn't much affected but then his best friend started going out with him. I was telling him I was happy but really I started crying, and I didn't know why. Suddenly I started to loath her and then started to want to hurt her, but I just coulden't hurt him. What is happening to Me?! I want to be with him more than ANYTHING in the world. I haven't liked anybody more than him since I met him. An he dosen't know how much i'm hurting. What is happening to me?!?!
—Guest Happie

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