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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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So confused!!!

this is so confusing!There is this crush i have in school i have liked him for over a year now and now i have suspicions that he likes me back!I think i may be in love with him but we are only 13(i know its young but anything is possible in this world) and he has had a lot of girlfriends but only dates them for a week or two then they break up.i want a serious relationship though and whats worse is that his friends say he likes me but they like to tease me a lot so they could be lying.I really am starting to think i am in love with him (i read over everything that suggests i am in love)and i am in hysterics!This is too much!
—Guest Rose

one day she will be mine

I think if this girl every day theres not one moment i dont i buy her what ever she wants but she dont love me back its ok she has a boyfriend but all the time i wish she didnt it hurts but i can deal with it she moved to another school but i really miss her and i see her rarely and she gives me lots of hugs and says she cares about me which makes me happy and i tell her every time i see her that when i meet u i had no idea that u would mean so much to me and she smiles and just hearing he laugh talk or even seeing her smile makes my day or even if i see he for a second i feel so f-ing happy
—Guest 5KINN3R

What do I do...?

So, i have my first boyfriend...and things are really awkward. he dated my best friend and they broke up, that night he asked me out. i said yes because i had liked him. but, things are going WAYY to fast. he's kissing me and holding my hand and..it makes me really, really uncomfortable. it was so bad that i got sick and went to the nurse three times. hes an amazing guy, he is sweet and cares for everyone, and he says he loves me. but, i...i dont know. i told him to slow down, and he has, but i still have that tweaking feeling in my gut. it really hurts, and im not so sure im falling in love with him... he says "i love you" and i say it back, so that i dont upset him. but things are so awkward. i think about being with him and it makes me hurt inside. what do i do? what is this gut feeling? just a week ago i was wishing i was in his arms, and now its happened, and it's killing me with sickness. not because of him, but what...? please help me, i am really confused, and feel really alone
—Guest Savvybanana

Eight months and still going strong!

It's been eight months and I swear he's like no guy I've ever dated before and plus this is like the longest relationship I've ever had. I love being around him and hurt whenever we're apart the thought of us ending hurts to much to even think about and he told me he loves me too, in fact told me he loved me before I even knew whether I loved him myself. -sigh- yeah I've definitely fallen! What's even crazier? We haven't even "done it" yet!
—Guest Ty

I've fallen too hard

I had been friends with this boy for years, i had previously liked him but thought nothing of it. One day he asked me out on a date and it was amazing, we talked for hours and we kissed - all my old feelings rushed back to me. A week later he told me he didnt know who to choose me or Claire* (not real name). He chose her and that hurt a lot, she was horrible to him and seeing him unhappy hurt me more. I tried to get over him by seeing another guy but it never worked. The worst part is he would always text me like i was his best friend, talk to me about his problems with Claire and stuff. A couple months later he said something that took me by surprise, "i know this will sound really stupid but I really like you :/" with that i was extatic, i hadnt cared that he had chosen Claire - he had wanted me!!! He dumped Claire and we met up in secret he said he couldnt live without me. Now he is being off with me, hes still there but hes different an the tought of losing him just kills me!!
—Guest Anon

Never going to happen

I've known this guy since I was little and we are like brother and sister, but he has done some things to me that are horrible. I can't forget them and hate him a lot for them, but when I see him, he is still the closest person to me and makes me feel so happy. He just recently hooked up with my ex best friend (I know them both well enough to know its to get layed) and it bothers me so much. The more I see him, the more I think I'm falling in love. How could I love him after what he's done? I don't understand. I can't focus at all anymore and only think about him. My heart literally feels like its being ripped out of my chest and each day it gets worse. If this is love, then I hate it because I know we'll never be together.
—Guest Sky


this guy was my first EVERYTHING. he was known to be a ladies man, and i was warned about him. but i chose o have faith in him and his words. I quickly fell in love with him, but he didnt feel the way i did. at least i dont think he did. he was always there for me, no matter what time of the day or night hed find a way to get to me. he and i drifted away until one morning at 6 a.m my mother was rushed to the hospital, i called and he rushed to my house and got me. went back to his house and just layed there together... i told him how hurt and used i felt, he told me he never wanted me to feel that way. that the only reason he left was because he listened to me when i told him i hated him, but really i wanted to see if he would fight for me. i became angry, and now i miss him dearly. i dont know what to do...
—Guest lovelost

You're love brought me back to you

I'm so sorry babe, I left you in distress... I do realize how much I'm missed, but most importantly how much you truly love me. Forgive me, my love.. For I promise never to you leave you again...
—Guest KaIsa

Can't Tell Him

He is so perfect. Whenever I see him I want to kiss and hold him. I know so much about him because we always hang out, but he treats me as only a friend. That's heart ache for me. I want to tell him I love him but I can't. I dream about kissing and kissing him but I feel like I'm not pretty enough even though I got accepted to modeling with Sutherland. It breaks my heart.
—Guest NoName

To Guest Kimberly

It's sad that you're so young when you got married and don't really understand what you want yet. Typically, a woman knows who she wants and what she wants in a guy when she is in her mid twenties. You are probably at the age when you realize your true passion and what you really want in a relationship. Your husband, whom had cheated on you so many times, probably doesn't love and respect you enough to care about your feelings. Perhaps he does love you, but you have to decide for yourself what you are worth. Afterall, you are your own person.
—Guest Love anonymous

I'm still not sure..

Ok. So, i'm still not sure about my feelings about this guy. he's my classmate for almost two years but we only became close friends just a couple of months ago and found him really kind of sweet, cute, kind and a gentleman. After some time, i realized that i'm already too attached to this person that i even found myself thinking and missing him....Then after..maybe 2-3 months, i found out that he has a crush on me too...actually his friends told me that but i didn't believe at first. So i asked him if he really do then he confessed that he really do like me. BUt the problem is, after knowing those things, i got too conscious...i mean, some tells me, he reallllllly reallly like me but others tell that it was only a joke. so what should i doo?? idk if he's serious or not...and then now that someone asked me if i'm in love, i thought about him and then....BOOM! my mind is so confused right now... i don't know what to do...am i in love? or is this just my imagination? :-)
—Guest Angel

how you know what to expect

i have been in love with this guy for 2 years before he found out about a week ago and now i feel really weird my tummy hurts can't sleep but i think he likes me back. so i'll have to find out
—Guest Addie

what to do?

Back when i was in 8th grade i had a friend he was my best friend and i had a crush on him but never told him there was always rumors around saying that we were going out and there was never between us. i just had this wierd feeling for him at the time i did not know what it was but it was there. the last time i saw him was in 10 th grade because he changed schools. currently im married and have been for about 5 years. when i got married i did it in love or atleast i think i did i have 2 daugthers with my husband up to this date i still think of that friend back when i was in 8th grade and i have a lot of dreams where i confess to him my love or we kiss or something and this makes me feel buterflies inside. now a couple months ago i had those kind of dreams but with one of my brothers friends he is so cute but he is only 19 while im 22 he is single and he is cute nice even with my daugthers and im starting to feel something for him. im scred because i cant continue with my husband notbeing sure What i feel
—Guest idkloveeeh

Could this be LOVE?

So I know this guy at school. I have known him since 6th grade an he is so nice and hilarious. I think I may love him but I don't know what will happen if I tell him how I feel. It's a friendship I don't want to lose. Why can't life be simple?
—Guest LuvMaybe

not knowing if he loves me or pretendi

I always phone him but he doesnt do so. Everytym i write him messages but he doesnt respond. He asks me to kiss him in front of a crowd but i refused and told him that i cnt kiss.
—Guest gomez

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How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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