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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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Half falling...

In 7th grade i had the hardest year ever puberty and GIRLS! At first i thought nothing of girls even tho i had girl friends back in the day... I met a girl who was exactly like me she like computer stuff i liked computer stuff she liked anime i liked anime she liked online computer game i liked online computer games... about 3 months ago i heard from my friend she liked me so i said "like what a BF or as a friend?" He said, "She's in love with u." My mouth dropped to the ground... Later that week she finally admitted it; she would turn red a lot with me around and I noticed it. She would write me notes and I'd write back.. later that month something happened she got depressed and i was still trying to flirt and give her notes and call her tootsie. She didnt talk to me much and i felt as if she hated me... Then i Dumped her (afraid she was going to break my heart). After that she still showed off to me but today she still kinda likes me a lil. I found out that she had someone else she liked. That day I vowed never to date til l was 16... I still feel tingly about her today...
—Guest Leff

Friendship can blossom into more...

I am 11, about to turn 12, and my best friend is a 12 year old guy named Chase. we have known each other for 6 months and we are like brother and sister. we know everything about one another, and i love everything about him, the way he smiles at me when i talk, the way his gaze meets mine, and the way he is always there when i need him. i don't know how he feels about me, but my other friends have been dropping hints they think he likes me. We are almost like twins, but we will always be best friends.
—Guest lily lover


I just got my first crush... with what happens with my school, not much anything i can do. Any advice?
—Guest MysteryGuy

I want it so bad

I met this girl freshman year, we hung out and had good times. At this point I thought of her as just a friend and we grew apart during our sophomore year because she was dating another guy. Junior year came this year and we had 4 of our 7 classes together. We got so close and talked almost every moment of the day. Her schedule got changed second semester and it really kind of made me sad. We were still close and talked all the time, more on the phone this semester. She teetered back and forth with her ex boyfriend and I was always there for her when she needed to talk. We are bestfriends and this point, she has a thing with another guy, but says she doesn't want to be in a relationship with him. I don't know how to win her over, but I'm in love with my bestfriend. I would do anything for a chance and hope that I get it.
—Guest Bryan

Can I love again?

One year ago,I had a girfriend who we loved each other but as the days goes,the girl started to show negative attitudes to me,cutoff communication which absolutely suprised me.As all this happened,I tried to do a research and I discovered that she was betraying me,So dud to this action I don't think if I can fall in lv again.

Simply Love

There are a lot of people here saying that others don't know what love is, claiming love has an exact definition and explanation, which it does not. I think that love is different to everybody, and takes many forms. It might not always be simple but if you feel you love someone, then you probably do, in some shape or form. Trust youself. Nobody can tell you what and who you love, because no matter how hard they may try, they will never be you. Love is special, not something to be careless with. Love, to me, isn't perfect. Your heart will make mistakes. If you don't regret, then there is no reason to fear. Love has no limits.You aren't too young to live, nor too old. Love can hurt and heal. Our love is like a zebra's stripes or our fingerprints. It is unique to everyone, and we a have our own experiences with it, and our own opinions opinions on it. But love is flexible and it will mold itself to what is truly you. Embrace it and let youself feel.
—Guest Me Myself I


We can't really tell when or if we're in love, its not something you can be like 'oh heey, im in love' doesnt work that way. If you're in love, you just know it. Dont worry about it, dont worry if ur gonna last or not, just go with the flow c:
—Guest -foreveryoung

Do i really love him?

Ok so me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 6 months and he first told me he loved me before we even started dating. I didn't say it back because i knew i didnt feel the same way. But as time passed i cant go a day without thinking about him and i have dreams of us together. i want to love him but i dont want to get hurt. everytime i see him i just stop and think do i love him or not. im so happy around him and i haven't felt this way in a long time. I smile when im around him but it's hard to follow my heart when i dont know what direction i want to go. I think i love him, but im not sure.
—Guest nicole

Am i in love?

So first off I'm a junior in high school and I've never been in love and have never had a boyfriend. Any way I have this really good guy friend that I think I'm falling for. But I could never see us together he likes the girls that r super perfect and plus he's super experienced. Oh and did I mention I'm helping him hook up with this one girl right now?? I really like him because he's really sweet and I know it's something everybody all ways says but he really is different. So am I falling for him and if so what do I do???!!!!!!!???!?
—Guest Annie

Where it began..

I met this boy...July 4th 2011 - that's right independence day - with my bestfriend, I was spending the weekend with her and I had talkedto this guy for about 9 or 11 months and finally we decided to meet, I'd seen pictures and everything but I needed to meet him, I had already fallen in love with him and I hadn't even seen him in person yet. So my friend and I go to the mall, I'm nervous out of mind, we go to the bathroom because I'm about to piss myself with all the giddyness and nerves at once and I got a text from him saying he's there ready to see me, I contemplate staying in the restroom puking but my friend encourages me to go, she pulls me along and I'm so scared, finally we stand in the foodcourt and he says he's looking for me....suddenly he runs to me and tackles me in this enormous bearhug...I'm shocked and blushing soo much, and he kisses me for the first time, and I feel like I haven't lived till' right then when I felt his lips and his tongue...
—Guest Blueeyednlovestruck

The Best "Guy Friend".

So I'm a freshman in High School. I met this guy, lets call him Chris. At first, I thought he was really scary and weird. Then, we started texting. We've been talking to each other for 5 months now. He's like my best friend. I love him. I've never felt this way about anyone before. He's told me that he liked me, and I've told him that I liked him... but he also liked another girl, lets call her Sally. Just recently, he told me that he got a girlfriend, and whoop de doo, big surprise... its Sally. I was heart broken. I still to this day, love him. My friends always tell me that they can tell that I really like him. The problem is, he's a Senior. Soon, he'll be going to college and he'll probably forget about me. I just want him to be mine sooo bad. Like when I hug him goodbye, I squeeze him so tight so that he doesn't let go. All I can think about is Chris, Chris, Chris. HELP ME. :'O
—Guest Anonymous

does she love me

when were at school we have lunch together and im on one side of the patio and shes around me half of the time. then she goes to her freind and leaves me hanging there. he lives in her nabooirhood and im getting thoughts in my head about whats going on over there. she says she loves me, i dont belive her.
—Guest luis

How do i deal with this

so im only in 6th grade and me and my girlfriend are starting to get a little akward around each other and all the sudden when we thought we were going to middle school and highschool i got into a really hard to get into middle school, she has had alot of boyfriends in the past and she says that she loves me but im starting to think she is starting to have a crush on one of them( im sort of a weirdo so i wouldn't be surprised) but i really just need some advise on this.
—Guest anonymous

I know that feel

I know how you feel. Ive known my bestfriend for 2 1/2 years now. He wasnt much to me at first I wasnt even that atrracted to him but we quickly became friends. I truly fell in love and he also became hotter. Weve done so much together. I even went to my first concert with him. suprisingly we became bestfriends because of me coming out to him. The reaction was something like "cool! I have a gay friend". I know alot of people dont get that sort of luxury, and I just got really lucky. Soon after I became madly in love. He even knows I like him. Its maddening really. But still that boy only deserves happines. And if that means theres no romance between us. I can still be happy if I can play my part and help him find a good girl for him one day... Still though I cant help but absolutley love him, and I cant tell you how many times ive caught myself cuddling my pillow, telling him how much I love him into an ear thats not there...
—Guest Lolwat?

Love is not a one time thing

Love is hard to understand and very confusing.If your in love your willing to wait for a long time.Your willing to sacrifice,your willing to accept difference and devote yourself fully to the person.
—Guest Daisy Love

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How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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