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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell If You Are Falling in Love?

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Sad, but True.

I met Kevin over the Internet 5 years ago. Ever since he became my everything. But over the past 5 years things been falling apart. He treats me like sh*t but when he needs someone to talk to he'll call me. I love this man so much and I just don't know what to do. We have a four year age gap between us, so our mutual relationship is frowned upon. When I lost my virginity to a different guy 2 years ago, Kevin was so heart broken. He acts like he doesn't care for me but I know he does. I just can't wait another 5 years for him. Next summer I am going to visit and make him chose what he wants, because Im tired of waiting. I have a life too.
—Guest Nikki

Love or a Crush?

I`ve had crushes. I was in fifth grade when I had mine. I was heartbroken. I vowed to never have a crush until high school. But now... I`m breaking that vow. I'm in 7th grade now. I saw this guy in a few of my classes, and I thought he was cute. Then I started to observe him. I`ve always been an introvert so I liked to observe people. Whenever I see him, I have butterflies, I get self conscious, I get all tingly and giggly. Am I really starting to have a crush? He`s in the 8th grade. He`s funny, flirty, nice, and outgoing. He and I share the same music taste, rock and metal. I get so confused with my feelings so I don't know if it`s real. Please help me?
—Guest A Hopeless Fool

we just met

I met you at football game when you was arguing with your girl so now we are talking and i really like you i know this will work cuz i would give up my life for you.
—Guest nicole

am I in love with him?

Whenever I see him my stomach gets butterfly's and i think start counting the minutes till I can be with him. And when the time comes that I'm with him I enjoy every moment. He is my inspiration and without him I don't know what I would do or how I would feel ♥♥♥ he is my inspirations n our school in every ways that I'd take;nothing can break it even those flirt person's around him.heheheh
—Guest -issa-♥♥♥

gimme a real hope

im 15 y.o. and in year 10. i fell in love with my friend about a month ago. at the first time i knew him because he's my best friend's ex. we had chat everyday (morning and nite). we had many jokes in there, i told him whenever i like someone. i've been like a friend for 1 year before everything changed. 1 month ago, he act really unusual. he texts me, says "morning" and "nite" everyday. he was really care to me so that i fell in love with him. he's such a nice guy and i knew he wont hurt me. all our friends told me that we like each other. and i think we r. but suddenly there was misunderstanding between us. he thot that i liked the other guy, but my friend straightened that problem out. and he came back like usual. we hang out together and its like weve been in an open relationship. i love that him and his 3rd ex ruined everything. made us felt so awkward. i asked him why did he change like a stranger for me. but he said he didnt realize it and said sorry, but i knew there was the other reason ):

this love?

there is this handsome, tall, smart, kind, humorous and a gentleman guy. we had this deal that we will be acting like cousins in class so that our classmates wont tease us about our past. okay ill tell you about our past: when we were at the 1st grade i had this little crush on him and i wrote on a paper that he is my crush because he's asking who's my crush our teacher caught us passing this paper, so she asked us to give it to her, then she read it to the whole class. (we are now on 6th grade) at that deal I cant feel anything for him already but on the middle of that deal i fell for him, cuz were really close. i just wanted to tell him that i love him and hug him already. and at the end of the deal my friend told him i had a crush on him again but were still close. the thing is that he has a crush on another friend of mine. and his friends will be daring him to sit next to her and i tell you it hurts!! if you will ever read this, i just want you to know that i loved you.


I have a classmate for the past 6 years. We are now on the 6th grade. I started having a crush on him when we were on the 4th grade and i think i had 2 years crush to him and he knows it. I dont know if he had or has a crush on me because when it was summer we always text each other with sweet messages and i always catch him looking at me and staring at me at class. but he was the first guy whom i seriously loved and who caused my first heartbreak. And now that we're in 6th grade i had a crush on his friend because his friend was really close to me and this guy is such a gentleman. the two of them are my seatmates, i keep on telling myself to love his friend but he really was so close to me and sweet to me but luckily I cant feel any love for him anymore. is this because of the trauma he caused me or im just really in love with his friend?
—Guest this-confusing-love

a strange feeling

So, it all started with this guy who was a good friend of mine but it feels really different to be with him. He wasn't very gorgeous looking but he had nice features but it was not his looks that drawn me to him... it was the way he made me feel. Not one person made feel this way, it felt like i was important and that he cared for me. He was a comfort that i could not find in other guys and he was not a jerk or shallow kind of person. Well i think i am in love with him or at least starting to but the thing is....i want us to be just friends for now.
—Guest hara

Long distance lovers? :(

I met this boy at a church camp. He liked me and it took ALOT for me to find out we hugged on wed. but camp only lasted mon.- fri. It was a sleep there for a week camp an he hugged me when I was sad about something and understood my hurt we we were separated. He lives in NAC though and I live in SA my mom grounded me from my phone and he thought that I was avoiding me and I felt so bad and I got my phone back and he won't answer his phone and I think I lost the love of my life. What do I do?!
—Guest People in da place5

you are my world

to the world you can think you are my love but to me you are my future
—Guest ndumiso

Confused But In LOVE ♥

SoHe Added me on FACEBOOK in january, when I was currently In a relationship . He commented on one of my pictures,and I returned the favor. A couple days later, me and my boyfriend broke up.. Then he chatted me asking if I was alright, he asked me for my number and to today, 8/10/11 We have never stopped TEXTING. even when we werent dating he texted me Goodmorninq . He asked me Out on 3-15-11 while we were going for a walk. I was wearing sweat pants and my hair was tied and i was wearing noo makeup, :O lol. Everything is perfect, Theres only one problem. We're both the jealous types. SUPER jealous types. even about things that happened even before we met at all. Should I allow this to come between our Relationship. ? & YES im in love with him. I have trust issues thou . :(
—Guest Snoogly Boo Boo(:

should i tell him ? am i in love ?

i'm in love with my bestfriend. he's everything to me. i remembered when i broke up, he was the one who wiped my tears when i cried. but i'm afraid that i can't give the happiness that he should have. i'm afraid to loose him. idk if i should tell him or not. i want him to be happy. and i don't think that i'm the one who can bring him happiness. i gave up my feelings for him 4 times by now because he has a girlfriend. i can't go through one day without looking at him smile. i don't feel right without looking at it. his smile is all that i need for me to get back up from my feet. i can't stop thinking about him everyday. my happiness just doesn't matter anymore cuz' he's my happiness now. he's my whole life. i can't tell him how i feel if it means loosing our friendship. i love him so much that i'll turn myself against the world just to see him having a good life even if it means without me. i'd sacrificed my feelings for other girls cuz' i can't tell what i feel for him. am i in love?
—Guest ilyfs

Bad Luck

I really like this girl in my grade who also rides my bus. I sat by the window and asked here to sit next to me. Toward the end of the ride I asked her if she liked me ( that's how she acted to me ). She said... no. Followed by a moment of silence. Then I asked her to move cause i reached my bus stop. :(
—Guest Josh

I Miss You

God has a funny way of doing things for me. The first time I feel I am actually beginning to understand love, it is from a distance. Why did it happen after I moved away? Six months is such a long time, and I want to touch you, kiss you, and make love to you. You have no idea. I miss you.
—Guest Bagel


Reading these make mr realize I've never been in love. Your feelings undeniable, unquestionable and strong... I was infatuated with a boy I hardly knew for months, then when he started to reciprocate and I got to know him i realized how different we are and the infatuation faded out and there was no strong feelings of love underneath. We are still seeing each other, but it doesn't feel right... I know I'll meet real love soon though, I can feel it and I'll know when i do. :) xx
—Guest Pyke1

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